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Who we are?

“American Natural” is a laboratory accredited Vitamins and Minerals produced in alternative medicine, natural, preventive, equipped with all the necessary equipment for their production. Rodolfo Cruz Varona, president, with vast experience in this field, is a Cuban born in Holguin, Oriente, because of their knowledge and perseverance has achieved extraordinary success in their business.

Elsy Varona, Vice President, is one of the pillars of “American Natural” and she and her son are front devoting all the time and ability to meet public demand that both benefits from the quality of their nutrition formulas. They also help a great team there and efficiency values​​.


Trust Our Experience

American Natural Products Lab, is a company created in May 2000 and since its inception has been characterized by providing nutritional supplements of the highest quality and potency. American Natural Products Lab has a highly qualified team of professionals dedicated to the study, research and formulation of supplements from natural sources which makes their products provide the necessary requirements for better health and quality of life.
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What We Do

We use creative financing solutions to provide fast and dependable cash flow to young and growing companies through various methods and across the U.S.

Who We Are

Factor Funding Companyy is a Houston based business funding service established in 1996 to fund small to medium sized businesses through alternative funding programs.

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Unlike conventional lenders, we offer you the best options and advantages of immediate cash flow. We have simple paperwork and work closely with all clients.